1. I turn 5 and enter K1 this year. I have stopped crying but i still hate school.
  2. I am forced to perform “All i want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth”, wearing red shorts, a yellow shirt and a paper mouth for the year end concert.
  3. Jealous that my brother got to play soldier and carry a gun the year before, and angry that they would me wear something that even a 5 year old would consider a fashion disaster, I resort to playing with my shadow on stage. I have the proof of that on film.
  4. George H. W. Bush is televised falling violently ill at a state dinner in Japan. He vomits on the lap of Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa and faints.
  5. Boris Yeltsin announces that Russia will stop targeting US cities with nuclear weapons.
  6. The Church of England allows women to become priests.
  7. Bands like blink-182, Weezer, Jamiroquai are formed.


  1. 6 and K2 this year.
  2. I am sad when my classmate invites the class to his house and refuses to let me play his SNES. (aren’t we all supposed to be friends?! asshole.)
  3. Ong Teng Cheong becomes the first President elected by the population. I remember the posters.
  4. SIA gets the 1000th Boeing 747.
  5. BIll Clinton is elected President.
  6. Frank Zappa dies of prostrate cancer.
  7. Micheal Jackson denies child molestation charges in a 4-minute statement broadcast on live television. (not the last time man.)
  8. The Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind are formed this year.


  1. 7 and in Primary 1 this year. I cry again in the first 2 weeks. (man i hate school. will only start to enjoy in in upper sec.)
  2. Get top in class for the 1st semester feel depressed when i get 5th for the next.
  3. Nirvana play their final show in Munich, Germany.
  4. Kurt Cobain dies this year.
  5. Friends premieres on NBC
  6. Netscape Navigator 1.0 is released.
  7. Dave Matthews Band’s Under the Table and Dreaming is released. (ROCKS!)
  8. The Israel-Jordan Treaty of Peace is signed, ending the state of war since 1948.
  9. The Lion King is released.

Blogger is screwing up on me. Grrrr.

in today’s news, me being helpful an volunteering to go back to help my Branch last night resulted in me sleeping at 3 a.m. DAMMIT.