Two days from the day i attained my freedom, 1 month after hitting perth, i was at it again.
Starting the journey, i wasn’t really expecting anything at all, maybe i’m becoming spoilt. But i packed, checked in and trudged to the waiting area of the Cathay Pacific flight, which was PRC OVERloaded (f**k.). Not before I almost died walking about 2km to meet my mom for breakfast in T3 from T1. And back.

My backpack was a bit of a hassle. I was asked to bring a squash racquet from home. It couldn’t fit my luggage, so it was stuffed, handle sticking out in my backpack, a potential catalyst for injury when combined with my clumsy, waddling self.

On board, i could not help to notice that they had a channel which displays an utterly pointless but intriguing view of the bottom of the plane. So take off and landing proved more entertaining that just an irritating ear-popping experience. That being said, the channel proved blinding to watch during the flight, as the clouds, sunlight and reflective body of the plane joined to create an amazingly bright white screen.

Met my mom in the airport again, cleared customs, shipped off the Airport Express to Kowloon, free shuttle bus service to the hotel in the Jordan area. Checked in, everything settled. I was hungry. I demanded food.
This led her to bring me just two steps from the lobby of the hotel room, to get the most amazing Chee Choong Fun ever.
The peanut sauce is AMAZING!

It was about that time that my brother reached us from the HKU hall he was staying at, and this proceeded to bring me around the area a bit. But it was not long before dinner was due.

1st real meal: Roasted duck and pork rice. Compared to the first meal i had in perth, which was some sort of roasted chicken with rice, this was 4 bucks cheaper, and 10 times nicer. After dinner, brother and me split with mom to head to his hall and subsequently Lan Kwai Fong.
Idiot brother made us get off 2 early. You’ve been there what, 3 months?! I wasn’t so peeved about the walking, I mean, it wasn’t like I haven’t done that in the morning. The air was cool, so no problem. What pissed me off was the sheer height that was visible from the pathway we were walking on. I’m talking concrete paths unsupported by pillars, tops of trees and the 16th story of nearby buildings below your feet. Sure I felt safe, safe enough to wish i brought a parachute. Above is an eye-level photograph.
My brother states that all of Hong Kong is like that. For one i didn’t see valleys from my hotel room window, so I think he was just trying to be reassuring.

Being told that his hall had a band room, i bought a pair of sticks all ready to do what i haven’t done in awhile; spend some quality time jamming with my brother.

I would like to say that the scene was so moving that someone was almost moved to tears, but that’s just his singing face.

A good hour of jamming down, we quite easily pried my brother’s roomie from this work to Lan Kwai Fong, some pub area in the Central district. Afterwhich we heard the from other people that a bar had free drinks for men till 11pm. Being only about 930pm, the prospect suggested, led many from the hall area (mostly Americans, Canadians and Europeans should i add) , trudging down, hoping to return gleeful when the night ended.

One free drink later onto another bar, the thought of spending the night drinking and returning rip-roaring drunk to the hotel room didn’t seem like and attractive one, even with the great company, so my brother and me left to eat. He had promised me at the start of the night to bring me to eat the “BEST burgers ever”. I am excited.

For once in a long time, he did not disappoint. It was the stuff of fantasy, with hand-made patties, toasted buns, the works.

Things got messier than so claimed by Carls Jr., simplier, but way more tasty. Just tomatoes, lettuce, onions and mayo, perfect.

The Chilli Cheese Fries, exquisite.

Headed back to the hotel after that rather easily. Thus ended my first day, and started my trip in the land of cheap and good food, endless sights of the fusion of past present and future, and proud public displays of Engrish.