Waking up in the morning is always painful, no matter which country you are in.
the super soft pillows and flashy neckroll made for a long time falling asleep.
still, i made it out to go to Tsing Yi, which is just a giant shopping centre.

nothing interesting, so no pictures.

We have breakfast beforehand, which was a dodgy looking beehoon stall with good standards as
usual, but i was too sleepy to take photos.
In Tsing Yi, they did have a large display of Easter Egg art that was done by a Japanese girl, and with descriptions written in Jap as well; so all you could do was admire it from afar.

Hong Kong people must have really itchy fingers.

With nothing really interesting, we made it down to Sham Sui Po, some some toy wholesaler street. Got my brother a weird vibrating Mario toy.

Heh heh heh.

Ate massive Beef Noodles soup, and forgot to take a picture again.

Dad landed, brother finished school, ate the Chee Choong Fun again. and then steamboat after.

Great tasting!

After dinner, back to brother’s hall; jamming.

old photo, but guess i must have hit that pose sometime (i do not re-wear my shirts on consecutive days).

Took the bus back, and the idiot bus driver asked me to get off a stop earlier.
blinded by the bright lights of the street signs, i cursed his impatience and my inability to speak cantonese.

thankfully i found out first hand that many of them know English and are very helpful in giving directions, thus i got back rather quickly , at about 1145pm.
guess the streets are quite safe.

End of Day 2

Day 3 started off quite well, i guess. We planned to have Dim Sum with my brother and his friends, so it was later. I was hungry now, so i ate many cherry tomatoes and my mom bought the day before.

Still with a few hours to kill, mom, dad and me decided to walk around the streets, where the wet markets were, a rarity in Singapore.
I understand that some content may convert some people to veganism, but i guess it’s always good to find out where your food comes from.
Veg and seafood included.

there were of course, some foodstuffs that we knew what they were exactly, yet failed to know what to do with them.
they do work quite fast i must say, this was taken 10 minutes after.