this is my 300th post, and i’m posting crap.

i went down to St Hildas Sch this afternoon for service in Chapel of Christ the Redeemer.

i guess it was nice to walk the canteen of my old school, i still feel the sian-ness of going back to school man.. an still feel irritated when I see some teachers’ faces on the roster.

(for those who know, F-ing Lee Kim Seng.)

I went to get a drink with my brother during the announcements part of the service. Then i took the liberty to browse through the stall headings, just to see if they have changed. I was also a bit hungry; I can’t help it, I’m just me.

I couldn’t help but notice this disturbing sight.

WTF is a WAFFE?!?!


Ok here ends part 1 and onto part 2.

i don’t know if i have spoken about the toad purse that is in my dad’s car to anyone before.
it has been around for like years man. and i finally remember to take pictures of it for general public viewing.

this is the ONLY kind of toad i will touch.

i bloody hate slimy things.

i kill slimy things.

it was purchased in the Philippines by my dad at a tourist shop.

we used to have 2, but i don’t know where the other one went.

it looks quite lifelike, but it actually feels just like leather.

Screw naruto, i got a real toad purse.

Sorry for grossing anyone out.