There was a period of time, about at least 10 years ago that SOMEHOW my mugs kept breaking every month.

I was greatly saddened, and felt that my family was trying to make me confused, so that I will never know which 1 was mine.

Then came the brown mug, and she has served me well in these 10 years.

she lost a battle with the chinese tea pot, and suffered a fatal jaw fracture.

I guess this is it my friend, rest in pieces. May you go on the better things. I only hope you don’t become part of a toilet bowl or something. That would really stink for you.
In other news, on Father’s Day my Dad tried to make us a hearty breakfast.

He tried to decorate out plates systematically so it would look like someone paid for it, but I obviously had other plans.

I had to do something to get myself awake!

I got him the Jakob Dylan solo album, which was quite disappointing actually.

Ah well, the audio-bibliophile in me took it from the car to add it to my song collection.

God knows when I’ll actually hear it.

Aside from the fact that found a butt-shaped lychee, i realize i have really stubby fingers!
(i put the lychee back, the next day they were all gone. i wonder who actually ate it.)