Something tragic happened on Monday.

I guess I’ve said it to many people already, and it’s not getting any funnier.

so I’ll just say this.

an ego was kinda badly bruised.

well, it was not the best 2 hours sitting there. but i guess we should be happy that no one was hurt.

physically that is.

i do have this so say to the people that took down our car number.

dudes, even if the number came out. u guys would have to share the prize money man. an we all know the numbers are not REALLY based on luck.

all the best anyway should you try.


i would tell u the number, but i can’t remember it.

me and the brother did decide to take a momento each with us (the broken plastic from the break lights of victim car), so as to remember what happened, since we’re both relatively young drivers with a lot to learn. (so says dad.)

i got a flame, cause it had anime-style coolness!! it’s gotta mean something man!!!!!!!

it was actually the only other piece that wasn’t oily from the break fluid.

i did get a bit angry cause i had to lug my djembe to take a cab this afternoon to bugis, as i had band practice after drum lessons. but i had a makeshift lesson and now my djembe is tuned up and sounds real cool.

and did i mention jazz is a real bitch to learn?

everyone who knows me knows i have no fear of insects, and i hold a certian facination for beetles. They look like freaking little robots!
well, i did find this mini longlihorn beetle outside my door and i just had to fool around with it before i headed in, and toss it to the nearby bushes so it actually can continue with life.
for those who encounter these creatures and pick them up, MIND THE MANDIBLES! they look quite nasty.
i once caught one (much bigger than the recently caught one) in Cameron highlands, i put it in a plastic bag, and it chewed through in 30 minutes. i was so amused by it, i put 2 more just to see it chew through again.

In other news. No one really knows what i do at work right, except that i do part time admin for my dad. Well, specifically, i do construction, i am an appentice foreman.

erm, i am kidding. work gets boring. i was supposed to clean out the storage area, and i didn’t want my friend dropping gauges on my head as he stacked them up.

sure beats the army helmet anyday!