now this is a story not for the faint of heart.

i usually use the executive toilet at work. this is totally NOT a sign of status, they just leave the keys around for everyone to use.

well, in there there is only one cubicle, and it was taken up on this particular day. thus i had to use the public toilet. not that it affected me in any way.

at least not yet.

entered the stall, or whatever the hell u call the mini room with a toilet bowl, i notice a the scene described in the above-displayed picture.

i was hit with a question; which was worse, the fact those streaks was most likely to be someone’s excrement, or the fact that there is some one as “boh-liao”* as to smear his excrement on the wall.

that, is a major question for the philosophers.

*BOH LIAO (Contributed by AA)
Hokkien for “nothing better to do”. Dangerously idle. In Mandarin, it’s “wuliao”.
“What for he go and do that sort of thing? Must be damn bo liao.”