okok!!! i’ll update!!

i just realized my grandmother nags on a series of maybe 3 topics, over series of about a month, then she changes. Very much like an announcement of the term.

I’m not complaining, just finding it quite hilarious. 2 months ago was the “Joash, don’t eat to many potato chips and fries ok?” which is strange, cause seriously don’t go walking around the house with a pack of chips consistently, I eat bread! (yes I am a carb addict.)

well. on the topic of bread, she just got a new catch phrase. this term’s phrase is:

“Joash, don’t eat overdue bread!!”

she comes by my place every sat, calling me at 9 am-ish, waking me up from the only day i have to sleep in to ask me what food i want ( i ALWAYS answer sleepily “anything”). when she gets here, she checks the bread, then proceeds to confiscate them to feed birds if they are near the expiry date.

hmmm did i mention i hate pigeons??

well, in the mean time, all i can do is wait till my grandma hears something new on the radio.

well. yeah. here you go! hahah!

school is still tiring but there are many distractions to my studying, stupid elven blood being the latest. ahaha maybe i’m just a distracted person.

ok here you go!