if anyone remembers i used to have a brown mug for many years, which was broken recently.

in my desperate need for a tool to put my drinks in, i chose this fully functional but totally boring mug, which happened to be given free after buying lots of milk.
(which i love to drink.)

last week, in a raid to get my Godbrother a mug, i noticed that i had many mugs that i could choose from, which weren’t free and boring.

to cut the long story short, i chose this huge-ass, or mouth mug, which seemed to work for me.

here is the other side of the mug.

my dad suggested i use one which he got on a gift exchange on the extreme left below. years of non-exercise, however made me think twice about attempting to lift it to drink, especially on those sleep-dazed stupors i will get now that school is restarting.

and the mugs lived daily in servitude to their masters..

the end.

well, happy new year to all! =)