for those who know, i had a really hard time doing my south asian studies response paper.
this was due mostly to the fact that the piece-of-shit-partner i got assigned to took too damn long to send me his paper, thus i was unable to do the peer response till the last minute.

well i got back my paper, but since all the other papers were in an unguarded pile, i just had to peer into his paper.

in doing so, i noticed a massive fail!


what the hell man!! ahahah south asia? Singapore?! HAHAHA!

what an idiot, seriously. the fail doubled when i took a look at my own paper, which he copied from. the mentioned segment is below.

end result, douchebag’s logic fail, and copying on microsoft word EPIC fail!

this kinda made my day actually.

my specifically, it made me laugh open in an almost empty hallway.