believe it or not, i used to love climbing stuff.

i would really love climbing playground structures, just for the heck of it.

i think if i were fitter, i would seriously try free running.

i loved the feeling of jumping off somewhere high and landing, bending my knees so i wouldn’t break something.

well, i did break something, but not intentionally, and for my ultimate benefit

but recent developments in my physique have left me grounded, in a sense.

so, then.

i can end this post by saying something pseudo-deep such as, “i would love to return to those days, to climb, to jump. the air, the speed of the fall, the freedom… ahh.. the joys of a younger version of me.”

but that to me is ultimately some pretentious bull. seriously.

this post is just me remembering my past. i am merely stating a memory. there’s no need to read too much into it, no need to deconstruct this discourse.

end of story.


in other news, i am glad i was wrong, people still care. secular societies should stay secular. liberal societies should stay liberal. i’m also glad it has past, and i really hope no more backlash will ensue.

also, the catching of a dude is not a sign of success, it’s a conclusion of a massive failure. i mean, he was living like a common villager for what, a year?