ok i’m using a new web browser called flock.

it has facebook chat constantly on at the bottom of my page, sends live feeds from fb and twitter on a sidebar. and i can blog as an when i want. it’s as easy as trying and email on mac’s

these functions are cool and all, and the best part, it’s based off the firefox browser, so all the addons i had from last time, and the shortcut keys, are exactly the same. the only thing that’s got me questioning myself is: do i really use these functions that much anyway?

heck, i don’t even blog that much, nor do i tweet. sure, i’m on facebook a lot. but then i use stumbleupon.

i guess a lot of times when we get technology, it’s the massive availability of its functions that causes us to want to use it. tho i still don’t see myself as massively tweeting/blogging in the near future. i have other means of documenting my life, it’s called talking about it “real life”.


Blogged with the Flock Browser