apparently QQ is like MASSIVE here. so in order to actually communicate with the locals, i got it.

from the moment i decided i should get one there was already a problem. Adium, the supposed AMAZING multiplatform client can’t connect. (well FB doesn’t work here, and Macs aren’t big, so touche i guess?) this means i have to use a 4th IM platform, on top of Skype, Adium and iChat. srsly. that’s 4 windows. plus stumble, there should be absolutely no way i’m doing work.

in class i am an obvious dude, since i’m the only one in the whole class not fluent in chinese. this fact is made much more pronounced on cyberspace, after i was invited to join the class group.

seriously, i don’t mean to stand out, i just do man. wtf.

heck. i don’t even know how to change my display picture.

stupid penguin.