Well, this was Good Friday, and having no church to go to, i decided to stay in, and pop by Tom Lee music.

it sucked shit. so, no photos, and that’s all i will say about that. i am srsly going to HK.

well, i didn’t wanna waste my train ride, so i decided to walk around the area just to check out the life. i mean, what’s a short walk eh? i mean, i was already out.

that’s where i stumbled upon a wet market. funny how things like these make me feel better.

and when was the last time you saw live chickens, eh?

don’t bother asking me to read the chinese characters. (side note, smart move putting them in that room. just. in. case.)

there were live fishes as well, and frogs. didn’t take pictures cause i hate frogs. i mean, i’ll eat them, no problem. i just don’t like looking at them. i hate slimy things.

next thing to note tho, was that apparently there are like christian bookstalls in china! one just outside my school gate. the east one, so not THAT near my dorm on the south gate, but near enough.

great plus for the potential procurement of gifts, but massive downers on 2 points.

minor point: no english books. but hey, i’m in china, no? the biggest book stall in guangzhou is 7 or 8 stories high, pack with books, with only one small corner for books in “foreign” languages.

major point:

pardon my poor camera resolution. it says “The Faith Of George W. Bush”

seriously? faith? there is a clear line between faith and bravado. but hey, i’ve accepted the fact that a massive percentage of christians will be conservatives right? so i’ll let it slide, at least till they start pushing their agenda on me.

happy Good Friday / Easter.