Many Singaporeans complain about their busy schedules and have no time to getaway and relax. Therefore, the trend of “Staycation” has picked up over the years with more Singaporeans choosing to have a weekend at a hotel of preference, be it in the city, in the island of sentosa or the opposite end of their residential home. I mean, we haven’t got the cottages and castles in the “countryside” so this is our next best option, right?

I’m sure many are familiar with the usual staycation picks. Such as the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel, allowing guest to lounge by the infinity pool with the view of our beautiful city. Or a stay at the closest island to Singapore, Resort World Sentosa, enjoying a weekend at the aquarium or USS. However such picks are also pretty extortionate in terms of their rates, and also, too main stream. I’ve rounded up…

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